We are available to be booked for both private and public events worldwide.

please either call: 07432106868
Or fill out the form on the contact page

Street Theatre:
we can work in a street theatre/ pop up manor able to roam around an event appearing in all different areas. This is great to create unique and exiting moments at festivals, town centres, and at outdoor events.

Concerts and Cabaret:
We can offer concert sets or cabaret slots on your stage or at a venue we can cator performances from 5 minutes to a full 2 hour show.

Travelling Stage:
2019 sees the launch of our travelling stage which operates on our luton van. The stage sums up the feel of an old time medicine show and is great to bring a real spectacle to any event. We can perform a program of entertainment throughout a day or can even MC for other acts you would like to use the stage. The stage includes red velvet curtain, painted up backdrop and its own small PA and lighting system.


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